Ilan Dror

Architecture & Interior Design


Like good music in which notes are woven together to create a harmonious experience, so we harness creativity, refinement, professionalism, technology to the client's will to create a timeless architectural experience.

In the last 20 years, our firm has overseen the planning, designing and construction of houses, luxury apartments, offices and commercial buildings throughout Israel. All the while, maintaining detailed and professional planning processes leading to the full realization of our client's vision. Over the years our firm has fulfilled numerous dreams starting from a 50 m² bachelor apartment up to 2000 m² commercial projects. Houses like the "House on the Hill" in Mevaseret Zion and the twin-family house in Shoham got recognition from leading architectural magazines.

Our motto is that each and every project is handled with great care, attention and professionalism, to fit the client’s requirements.

Our expertise is focused on:

  • Pre-Design written brief – understanding and analyzing the client’s vision and needs and translating them into an articulate practical plan.
  • Preliminary planning – preparation of diverse sketches to enable the exploration of various planning directions, while at the same time, combining 3D presentations to illustrate the design in a realistic manner.
  • Budget – preparing estimates that help the customer define a budget already in the initial stages of the project.
  • Licensing and Permits – submission of plans to the authorities until obtaining building permits.
  • Detailed Planning – up to the smallest detail, combining innovative solutions.
  • Construction Technologies – light construction including the use of wood, sustainable construction technologies, advanced construction technologies as well as conventional ones.
  • Interior Design – including colors, textures, finishing materials, carpentry and furniture and lighting.
  • Exterior Design – including pergolas, gardens, access roads, paths, pools, parking spaces, and any other developmental elements required to complete the project.
  • Engineering – examining the design of the project from an engineering point collaborating with the best engineers in their respective fields.
  • Execution – preparation of plans for tender  and for execution, quantities and specification sheets.
  • Supervision and Management – close supervision and project management until perfect conclusion of project.

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